Introducing sFTP Client app

sFTP Client is a Google Chrome Webstore application, for use with your Google Chrome Web Browser, Chrome OS / Chromebook. sFTP Client can be used to connect to your FTP / SFTP or SSH server, transfer files, edit files, changes file permissions and much more... You can connect to local or remote servers, even connect to your NAS drive.

sFTP Client app - Features

Quick & Easy

sFTP Client has been built on the Google Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS / Chromebook packaged app interface allowing the sFTP Client app to be fast and responsive.

Packed with Features

sFTP Client app has been packed with many features to allow a seamless experience when accessing FTP / SFTP connections.

Help & Support

sFTP Client Help and support is available through a support ticket system (provided by Atlassian), report a bug / suggest a feature.

Free Updates!!!

Enjoy free lifetime updates and extra features when you purchase sFTP Client app, simply can't get better than that! We update our app regularly

sFTP Client Powerful Text Editor

Powerful Text Editor

sFTP Client uses the Ace editor as the default text editing tool to modifying your files. Ace is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. It matches the features and performance of native editors such as Sublime, Vim and TextMate. It can be easily embedded in any web page and JavaScript application. For more information on the Ace editor we use please visit there website.

sFTP ClientLocal Directory

Local Directory

sFTP Client allows you to view all your files and folders on your local file system, because Google Chrome allows you to access your local file system we have managed to create a link between the FTP / SFTP server and your local machine, allowing you to transfer between both file systems with ease, you can also change your main directory at any time using the “Change Dir” button giving you full control over your local file system whilst being in the sFTP Client app. You can easily upload and download files / folders using the two file systems on the left and right of the sFTP Client app, when uploading or downloading any files / folders you will see the progress of your transfer below within the Queue, if any files / folders fail you will see this in the Failed tab, once a transfer completes they will be removed from the Queue and can be seen within the Completed tab.

sFTP Client Manage FTP, SFTP / SSH accounts

Manage FTP / SFTP Accounts

With a built-in easy to use account management tool, you can store all of your FTP / SFTP details securely and safely within our app using encryption to keep your passwords away from those who may also have access to your machine, this also features selecting local directory per FTP / SFTP connection and specifying your default remote directory location. You can access all your saved connections from the server icon next to your open FTP tab connections and welcome tab. To help keep your connections tidy and organised we have also allowed folder creation whereby you can easily select which folder an FTP / SFTP account should be held.

sFTP Client File Permissions

File Permissions

sFTP Client is advanced with many features including File Permissions, allowing you to select multiple files / folders to change the permissions to whatever you wish, many FTP / SFTP clients only allow you to change file permissions of one file or folder at a time. In order to change the File Permissions of any file / folder you can either tick the check boxes for the user, group and public permissions or you can choose to enter a numeric value for those more advanced users to allow a quicker change.

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