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What is a single user license?
A single user license is for one individual, however the license can be used on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, etc), although not concurrently at the same time (We understand a single user may have access to more than one device, however to avoid license abuse we have this restriction in place).
What is a site license?
A site license (also known as a company/organisation license) is for all employees (or students if the organisation is an institute) under that organisation to have use/access of our product. The license can also be used in multiple locations (if the organisation has multiple offices/branches).
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All licenses allow 8 re-activations / devices to be used per user (you can request for this to be reset if you use the maximum activations allowed), you are not permitted to use one license for mutiple users, if our automated system detects this your license may be terminated without notice. If you need multiple licenses please purchase more than 1 license.
When paying with PayPal your payment will show up as "PAYPAL *SFTP CLIENT" on your bank account statement, whilst using either Credit / Debit Card, Apple Pay or Bitcoins your payment will show up as "SFTP CLIENT LTD" on your bank account statement.